Raoul van Grinsven (NL)

Fusion’s leading man Zany barely needs introduction. This hardstyle pioneer has been on top of his game for over a decade. Zany’s signature of raw melodic hardstyle has taken him to perform all around the globe, being able to spread the infamous ‘Fusion of Sound’ across the world. Next to being a successful solo-performer, his group-projects have turned into massive crowd pleasers to. The spectacular hard sounds of the Donkey Rollers are known by every hardstyle-lover and the industrial feel of the Southstylers has appealed a big following in hardstyle.

Zany’s rollercoaster ride hasn’t come to a stop and won’t finish any time soon. He always tries to evolve and create new music and that makes him one of a kind. The ‘Godfather of Fusion’ is ready to take it to the next levelOn stage, Donkey Rollers consists of three people, while the music is produced by Raoul and Michel Pollen. “The Netherlands has always put its stamp on the international dance scene and we must keep up this role of trendsetter. So producers and DJ's must always try to achieve progress and avoid repeating themselves. Only then can movements and scenes develop.
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