Phil Castle (GB)


Phil Castle

Phil has had a deep passion for music from the age of 11, being born of a theatrical family he spent many a day with his parents in theatres and rehearsal rooms exposed to “musical theatre and cabaret” and the great American song book. At the age of 12 he had already gained an extensive record collection and experienced first hand the explosion of “Disco” onto the world stage, As a teenager in London he lived through the Post punk - New wave electronica revolution that swept the UK / US.

His natural draw to Jazz led him to the London soul scene of the early 1980’s and the vibrant Club scene of London’s underground dance clubs. Then through the Hi NRG clubs of London and a historical vacation to Ibiza Spain in 1990.

His passion Dance music was complete. He started his own House and Garage dance club that grew to become the 3rd largest dance event of the early 1990s. He draws his inspiration from such DJ’s as Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles and Masters at Work stable.

His musical influences are wide and varied from Brazilian Samba, New age electronic Pop, House-Techno and Disco. His sets consist of exclusive remixes, mash ups, loops and filled loops accompanied by live percussion.

– “If it makes ya feel good and ya wanna dance to it, I’ll play it.”

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