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Peppe Citarella (born in 1975) is an italian dj and producer. He begun to play his daddy's vinyls when he was a teenager, focusing on Stevie Wonder and Barry White. Listening Soul, R&B and Disco he was captured from the music world, projected to be a consistent part of his life. During '90 Peppe Citarella explored his instict, buying records by himself and moving freely in genres, like Jazz, Garage, Old School. He dreamt to play drums, but ...so he approached art of mixing, looking for warm and natural sounds. Masticating Black Music and House Music, Peppe Citarella built his set characterized by SoulFul genre. Peppe's talent was mature and allowed him to experience with new frontiers, different from Italy. So he challenged latin world; in that places Peppe discovered different cultures and a new concepts in music that belong to him from birth, having his maternal grandmother of mexican origin. After a couple of years spent across the world, Peppe decided to import in Italy this fund of experience. Peppe was excited, so he was back again to entertain dancers in italian clubs. Best italian stages disputed Peppe on console; appreciated for his style. Peppe was skilful to play sets with U.S. Sounds.
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