OriaBela (FR)


In the ever-evolving music community,there are influential individuals who play a vital role in shaping its landscape. One such individual is OriaBela, an accomplished international music selector with extensive experience connecting people, places, and performances within the global music scene.

Having embarked on a journey through various countries, including her birthplace and upbringing in the South-West of France, her deep-rooted passion for underground music eventually led her to the Netherlands. During her time in London in the mid-nineties and early 2000s, she was profoundly influenced by the emerging music scenes and influential movements such as Detroit and West London.

Throughout her travels, she graced the dance floors of renowned venues off the likes of The End, Lost, 93Feet East, Cargo, Plastic People, Jazz Cafe, Bar Rumba, Loft, among others worldwide. These diverse experiences have indelibly shaped OriaBela and are evident in her numerous musical taste. With a storytelling approach, she expertly crafts powerful mixes spanning genres like Funk, AfroHouse, Deep House, Hip Hop, Broken Beat/Two-Steps, Techno, and everything in between.

She thrives on playing extended sets and engaging in back-to-back performances. In addition to her presence in Amsterdam, OriaBela is actively committed to music scenes across EU, and as of late, she has been regularly visiting Lisbon curating & guesting shows at Bones Records, Suave, Collect Radio Records, BoaVistaSocialClub, MachimBombo, LusoPhonica and more, she is continuously expanding her artistic journey connecting with new people and creating new projects, more to come.

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