Olivier Dutertre ()

Olivier Dutertre is a 24 year old entrepreneur from Lyon, France, and the curator behind the music discovery Youtube channel 'TheSoundYouNeed' (TSYN). Olivier became an online entrepreneur when he was 14, selling self-designed Facebook pages with hundreds and thousands of ‘likes’ to advertising companies. He went to business management school but left after two months, creating TSYN shortly thereafter. With his own abstract visual aesthetic and smartly tailored design, TSYN offers warm, sensual mixes that move easily between deep house and exploratory electronica. TSYN is dedicated to finding and promoting new original artists into the spotlight, while curating today’s most innovative and creative music. TSYN YT channel now has more than 4.2 million subscribers and more than 1.5billion views. In addition to this, Olivier has a successful compilation series, runs his own label and puts on ‘beautiful events’ featuring artists of his choice.
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