“Music is a freedom state of mind which the world is forgotten” - Nigls Miguel Santos is a young Macau born Portuguese artist currently showcasing his talent across China. He started his musical journey at a young age with the influence of his older brother when he first got contact with Electronic Music. His passion for Electronic Music led him into the world of Deejaying, where he worked his way from the shores of Macau to the capital of China, Beijing, and in 2017 he won Beijing Based DJ of the year at the City Weekend awards. Better known by his stage name Nigls, an active figure in Beijing's club scene where he's currently based at and regularly preforms, his sound is characterized by energetic or deep solid grooves with hypnotizing sounds and dramatic melodies. Nigls journeys in sound are mostly uncertain, having a wide spectrum of taste in Electronic Music his sets differ from night to night. Extending from Minimal waves, Tech House infectious grooves, to an extent of Techno sounds. Inspired by the minimal techno waves of the late 90’s it all forms out in a pounding, deep, dark, powerful and groovy blend. On a constant pursuit of developing his taste Techno became his most preferred style in electronic music having the Berlin and LA’s sounds as references, it all opens in a crossed infusion, exploring up to modern and contemporary approaches of the genre. 2015 saw some big changes for Nigls when he became Toxic Entertainment’s resident DJ and musical overseer behind the label’s showcases like Back2Basics, and Hutongs Sessions where he aimed to promote quality underground music in China. After embracing the project he found himself playing alongside local heroes and international guests artists such as; Eric Sneo, The YellowHeads, Victor Santana, Juan Pablo, Hamza, Truncate, Alex Bau, Ken Ishii, Drumcell, Lexlay, Rob Hes, Stiv Hey, Locked Groove, Baikal. Looking to expand his horizons and understanding of the music he loves, Nigls started to create music of his own. Only a year later he made his first digital release available on Beatport. The track “Floating” is a collaboration with Felo Rueda and was published under Bull Dog Records, a dominant label in South America. The release also featured remixes by Marck D, Dhyan Droik and Poty. The track was played and supported by Joseph Capriati, Cristian Varela and more. 2016 was an exciting year for Nigls promoting his sound inside China and overseas. Among the venues were Club Temple - Mongolia, Social Room - Hong Kong, City Hall - Barcelona, INTRO Electronic Music Festival Beijing and headlining at Pacha - Macau. In 2017 he had his second track released on Reload Black Label another collab with Felo Rueda remixing a track of the label leaders - The YellowHeads, bringing his new sound to multiple clubs and festivals across the country in cities like Qingdao, Changsha, Kunming, Shanghai and Xiamen. The year continues with development of his new productions and new projects for upcoming events.
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