Nicky Louwers (NL)


Nicky Louwers: Weaving Nostalgia into Modern Beats
A luminary with a legacy, Nicky Louwers has carved her name into the annals of house music.
A maestro of exhilarating and captivating sets, she commands stages at festivals and clubs worldwide, casting an enchanting spell over her audiences.

With an appearance that radiates pure delight, Nicky is a virtuoso in infusing happiness into the crowd. Her artistry takes an enchanting twist as she skillfully weaves the soulful vocals of the 90s into the tapestry of today’s house music, creating an immersive experience that transcends eras.

Nicky’s popularity continues to ascend, propelled by the seismic success of her recent release ‘Everybody’s Free,’ which soared to the upper echelons of Beatport’s top 5.
This accomplishment has accelerated her career trajectory, resulting in a whirlwind of performances spanning the globe.
Her latest masterpiece, ‘The Soul,’ in a collab with Wolffman has once again sent shockwaves through the scene, establishing her as a constant innovator.
With her own label Nough Records and sunglasses line Vio Sunglasses, she shows that she is a versatile entrepreneur in addition to being an artist.

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