Murat Tepeli (DE)

Murat Tepeli's trade is poise. In his sets, he creates perfect harmony between ecstasy and ass shaking on one hand and gentle emotion and elegance on the other. In his production, he often pairs melancholy with the necessity to dance, opulence and reduction, loud and quiet. Professionally, Murat Tepeli walks the tightrope of being a DJ in the Club and a surgeon in the operating theatre. He combines these extremes with a playful energy and manages to put the full range of emotions and experiences into his sets. In the middle of the 90s, Murat Tepeli started DJing, putting influences like De La Soul, Black Sheep, Pharcyde, KRS-One, Bahamadia, Monie Love and Adeva into his first sets. New Jack Swing, Drum & Bass and House lived as equals in his record bag for a long time. Slowly, House took over in representing Murats feelings and became the base in his sets for excursions towards the other styles that move and influence him. His musical horizon spans from Occident to Orient, arabesque to wave, from the clear sequences of synthpop to mystical chords. Murat Tepeli doesn't see this as a contradiction, he uses the conjunctive elements but also the contrast to create a sweeping story in his own signature.
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