Minimono (IT)

Minimono was born in Florence in 1997 as a multimedia project involving experimentation through music installations, graphic design and theater performances. Only later, in 2002 when dj Fabio Della Torre met rock&roll drummer and electronic producer Ennio Colaci, Minimono became an exclusive and passionate music project. Their intent was melting their personal music experiences into a fresh techno productions with minimal experiments, still keeping a very pleasant funky house touch and combining dancefloor functionality with emphasis on melody and mood. Minimono’s unconditioned effort to support and develop the local electronic scene eventually grabbed the attention of the hometown’s legendary Tenax Club and its respective label, Tenax Records. After contributing with a powerful track and ep's on the Parisian Telegraph Records, minimono released also on other labels labels such as Tuningspork, Ethique, Safari Electronique, Loveletters From Oslo, Cargo Edition. In 2011 They release their first Album "Runaway" on Bosconi Extra Virgin, well received from National and International press. Their liveset has struck people’s attention for its dynamism, richness of electronic textures and from the duo's ability to manipulate on action a wide range of samples.
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