Mikmoog (IT)


Michele Sciacovelli also known behind the decks as Mikmoog hails from Southern Italy devoloping his own signature sound blending his progressive roots with acid & hardtek high powered energy. He is the CEO and mastermind behind La Fabbrica del Beat collective that has been putting together any kind of different of underground personalities from Apulia, giving them a platform in order to express a wider range of musical taste in his own electronic festivals that gather key figures in the development of the free tekno movement such as Ixindamix and 69DB from the SpiralTribe23.
His purpose is to uplift the energy of the dancefloor with dreamy soundscapes mixed with hard-hitting kicks and complex textures of squelchy synthesizers. He has been playing gigs all over Europe with the awareness of his underground roots, fascinated by the deepest electronic taste pushing the boundries of the analog sonic landacapes. It's fair to say that he's a very versatile DJ and as a magician he'll amaze the dancefloor switching up the sound with majestic mood swings and showcasing his incredible musical knowledge.

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