Meshal Alluqman, aka MESH (SA) is a Bahrain-based electronic music producer and performer originally from Saudi Arabia. His music productions have been released on quality imprint record labels such as Beatfreak Recordings, Cafe De Anatolia , and Lelantus Records.

MESH is an innovative electronic music artist who aims to provide the audience with different vibes and experiences by incorporating various musical elements and sounds from various cultures into his electronic music productions and favorite track selections in order to take his listeners on an immersive storytelling experience with his unique music that goes beyond the boundaries of familiar genres.

MESH has earned a stellar reputation for himself through his approach, music productions, stage appearances, and outstanding performances, allowing him to build a fanbase and gain huge recognition in the region to share the stage with stellar artists from the likes of Alar, Axl Stace, Armonica , The YellowHeads , Helen&Boys, Juliet Fox , D-Formation , Innellea , Øostil , Massano , and 39 Kingdom, Cattaree and performing in different places around the region from the likes of Manama, Cairo, Izmir, North Coast, Dubai, Riyadh, and many more.

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