At the intersection of raw electricity and human touch there exists a form of music that is both organic and totally alien. Music with sounds and textures that conjure up futuristic dreams while oozing primitive energy. Music with hauntingly repetitive melodies that slowly morph into a feverish haze of harmony and dissonance. Music that carves intuition and reflexes into hypnotic rhythms and tattered waveforms before slipping past your brain to tap into something else.In a dark studio attic in the heart of Brussels, Melawati has assembled a mess of modified machines and modular synths to create such music.Constantly recording meditative live performances, deconstructing every moment and rebuilding them into more sensible tracks, Melawati makes music out of mistakes, misfires and the chaotic logic of electronic spaghetti.Alongside performing with bands (The Subs) and working in theater (DRIFT) for the past several years, Melawati has spent his remaining hours experimenting with soundwaves and wires

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