Matrixxman (US)

Artist & Speaker
The Cartesian view of identity, the body is a container for our mind, personality and ultimately our soul. But what happens when technology allows us to transcend the limitations of physical reality as we know it? In a post-corporeal life, our bodies may no longer be confined to the rather cumbersome form of a human but instead a vast digital network. Matrixxman happens to be a proponent of this possibility. When he is not preoccupied envisioning the emergence of myriad artificial intelligence entities and endless virtual worlds within worlds, he also enjoys composing music. The essence of which is crafting new interpretations of something straddling the grey area between Detroit/Berlin Techno and Chicago Acid. “Resurgent techno atavism” as he prefers to call it. With a career spanning a mere two years, he has already amassed a staggering discography of no less than 12 separate EP’s on labels like Dekmantel and Spectral Sound, in addition to his first full length concept album on the illustrious Ghostly International in 2015. His signature rhythm tracks like “Protocol” and “Procedure” have been played by a who’s who of dope underground elite, seeing spins from beasts like Levon Vincent, Jeff Mills, Len Faki, Richie Hawtin, Boddika, D.B.X., Mr. Fingers, Joey Anderson, DJ QU, DVS1, and Huerco S, to name a few. Endeavoring to construct “the most futuristic shit ever”, Matrixxman is a name that will be known for years to come.
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