Marc Olivier Deblanc (FR)

Speaker (Barnett Law Firm)

Marc Olivier Deblanc is the founder and unique partner of BARNETT Law Firm based in Paris since 2010.

He has been one of the leading lawyers specializing in Intellectual Property and more particularly in the Music Industry for more than 20 years.

In 2022 he was ranked in the highest category of the music law ("LEADING" - i.e. in the TOP 10 of the best music lawyers in France).

2021, he has been ranked by the prestigious French news magazine LE POINT among the 10 best law firms in intellectual property (all sectors of activity included).

He acts in France and abroad for all players in the music industry. He represents Justin Bieber in a major litigation in France. He also acts for many artists, bands, independent record labels, publishers, film music composers, agents, and prestigious institutions including the Chambre Syndicale des Editeurs Musicaux which called on him in the context of NFTs and related remuneration issues.

Particularly active in the Music for Image market, he is the founder (and the lawyer) of the French Association of Music Supervisors created in 2020.

He is a regular speaker/lecturer at universities and schools on music law matters.

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