LeDisko (CA)

Montreal-based DJ/music industry prodigy Ledisko is a young man breathing new life into the face of an aging world. He stands apart from the sweaty hordes trying to earn a residency at friends’ birthday parties by serving as the youngest ever label manager at Tiga’s Turbo Recordings, a position that has melted and shaped some of the brightest young minds in dance culture. “I’ve learned a lot working for Tiga, watching his face as he listens to music. Once I have absorbed enough, he will be opening for me. It is a fait accompli, or an accomplished fact. I am simply waiting for the appropriate moment to enact this inevitability.” Says Tiga, “I knew Ledisko was the right man for the job the second I saw him watch me listen to demos. He never took his eyes off my face. He’ll go far in this life.” Ledisko (“The Disco” in a hip foreign language) reaps the benefits of A&Ring for a legendary label by being equally adept in any party setting, be it club, loft, warehouse, basement, patio or botanical garden. He is currently a resident at Turbo alumnus’ Thomas Von Party’s Datcha, recently voted the “Raddest Club for Passion, Laughter and Dancing” by the readers of Datcha Weekly. He has played alongside names like Dusky, Justin Martin, Doorly and Matthew Dear, all of whom will cite having played along Ledisko as a career pinnacle within the next two years. He has also opened for current boss Tiga on several highly lucrative tour dates. “My career has gone exactly according to plan, so the only things I really miss at this point are pleasant surprises,” says the 25-year-old. “I wish I knew what it was like to fail, but I guess you can’t have everything.”
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