LBM 12 (BR)


Was in 1998 with (Dj Braga) started doing parties in your state (Minas Gerais) Brasil , for friends nothing to business, at first it, with a bit time made the multiple it ,party more party with a big energy, it to the public. Did until that met a Dj who spent good mixing techniques, after started hardtrance / psychodelic trance with very feeling......he was with energy within the content, get up the professionalism and very dedication to of DJing....Has become a passion for culture the music....places that Played:Radio Cultura Fm 2002/2003, Radio Imparsom Fm 2004/2006 (club tronic,dance machine) Radio transamerica Fm 2005 (dance summer), parties open air in Brazil, Jardim Eletrico, Cosmos, Electronic Party, Sub_Atomic, Electronic Style, Festival Mandala, Festa Fantasia GV 2006/2007 to people 12000, 2007 was first time to europe Spain the invitation Psylove.shop Valencia (ES), after returned to Brazil.... started project Nucleo Arte Eletronico 2008 (Bar Do Zezim) GV, Bahia beach Club Tostex, Pararaio Trancoso.

2009 did back to Europe Italia, the invitation by Nika Music Store (vinyl) Club Amnesia Milano.Today living in Amsterdam Holland, where in 2011 started the of show with L!B!M!12. Resident current of Getto Bar since 2012 giving support to Fullaudio (Brazil) live stream Radio. 2014 made Room Live in Utrecht (NL) Studio Mischa [email protected] too big support by Deejay.de (store vinyl) and label Nachtstrom Schallplatten (vinyl) from Germany.In Amsterdam he played:Club Korsakoff (What is on your mind!?), The Bus, Object, CUE bar, Club Sugar Factory, Club NL, Imagica Techno, Backstage Cafe, Frisco Inn, Terminology Assault, Club8, Dit Blijft Tussen Ons festival, Club Up, Club Air,Club Paradiso, ADE 2013, 2014, 2015. Setember 2015 started broadcast event "Episode" in your studio (Fullaudio.com.br/live)Gain Techno: Alkmar (NL)Club Laxx: Rotterdam (NL) Germany Cologne private party

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