Kaiico (NL)

At a young age, introduced to music in the form of instruments and vocals, since music played a huge role in my family, because my dad played in a band, my mom sang (still does) in a small choir in church, my older brother used to play guitar and me… well let’s just say I did all of these things. I can truly say that I feel blessed to have two big families that have a close bond with music, also I can’t forget to mention that my Moluccan roots play a big role in this as well. When I was 23 I got acquainted with the art of DJ’ing, I managed to pull of my first successful transition and it felt so good that I got hooked instantly and decided that I wanted to play around and experiment as much as I possibly could, so I saved up some money and bought my first DJ controller, it was the Pioneer DDJ T-1 and I really loved every second that I spend DJ’ing on it. Even though I had bought this awesome piece of gear, my mind wasn’t set on being a true artist and DJ for a crowd, it was more for me to enjoy the moment of being able to play around with music and different genres. As for genres, you can say that I’m a Jack of all trades. You can find me diving in genres like: Urban, UK Garage, House and all their respective sub-genres. The more recent styles that I have adopted are: HIP HOP and R&B, Dancehall, Afro beats, Trap, Future sounds, Tech-house and Techno. Only until 4 years later I picked up the pace and started to DJ for real. I decided to DJ as Kaiico, for this name had a double meaning. First part of the name Kai is from the Moluccan Island my mom came from, called Kaibobo and the second part ico is a nickname friends use, my full name though is Enrico Mailuhu. I got booked by another DJ called “Loko Farek” a.k.a Jeffrey Mailuhu to DJ a set with him B2B (Back 2 Back) in Amsterdam at the Rhythms bar / Jazz Hotel. After a couple of gigs in Amsterdam the pace got picked up even more, I got booked at a private party in Switzerland from the guys that brought FRAT PARTY to Amsterdam and Utrecht, after that my relationship with them grew and I got included in their team. On September the 10th 2016, I made my debut in the club scene at FRAT PARTY where I introduced people to my DJ’ing style and skills, This proved that I just started my journey as a DJ with more awesome gigs to come and as I always say: “I am curious where this journey will take me”
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