Joe Bond (US)

After receiving his MBA from Vanderbilt University, Joe moved to New York City. Formerly a heavy metal guitar player, Joe was drawn to the power of the late 90's NYC club scene. Joe was one of the founding members of “Touched by a DJ”, which earned him residencies on the main floors of NYC’s: The Limelight (and Avalon), The Tunnel, Roxy, Exit, Liquids Lounge, and many other clubs. Joe was one of the key organizers and resident DJs of NYC's “Shipwrecked” boat parties. Over the past 17 years, Joe has spun many dance floors across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Through the years Joe has released many acclaimed DJ sets. During 2013 Joe’s DJ mix, “Something Different”, reached #1 on Beatport’s Top 100 Mixes. In 2014 Joe’s Mix “Get Lucky” reached #6 on the Beatport Top 100. In 2015 Joe continued his success with DJ sets “Girl Party” and “Tech-Tastic” that reached #19 and #50 worldwide on MixCloud Top 100 DJ Mixes. Using a midi guitar, Joe’s production style has a distinctive groove and edge. In 2014 Joe released “Gary 7”, which reached number one on Miamilicious Records. During the same year Joe released “World Around Me”, which reached # 1 on Shotgunn Productions. Joe finished 2014 with “The Darkness” released on Roja Records, which reached # 1 for Roja. In 2015 Joe teamed up with “GFY – Good For You Records” and released the remix of Bronx Cheer “What U Need”, which reached #1 on Traxsource Top 100 Electronica. Later in 2015 Joe released the original track “I can’t Pretend” on “Rebel Eye”, which reached #6 on Traxsource Top 100 House songs.
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