Born in Asturias, his parents instilled in him a taste for music, which made him enter the world of electronics at a very young age. Resident in Ibiza since 2013, Jay Nortown has played in the main clubs on the island, such as Amnesia, Underground, Pacha, Octan, Cova Santa or Sankeys, with promoters such as Do Not Sleep, Unusual Suspects, Game
Over, MTM, Keep on Dancing , Capadi Rebels or Zero Logistics. His old project, The Odyssey, made him a reference on the white island, with numerous events at Veto or Sankeys. He has played in legendary clubs in Barcelona such as City Hall or Macarena,
in the famous Lion and Lamb in London, as well as in many other venues in Madrid or Asturias. In addition, he has traveled through Central America with his music, highlighting his parties in Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic. He hosts a weekly show on Pure Ibiza Radio, every Friday at 9pm. He also regularly collaborates with Ibiza Sonica Radio for the Karlos Sense program, and has several performances on Ibiza Global Radio. As a producer, Jay Nortown published his first reference in 2012 for the
Suruba X label, and since then, his music has passed through labels such as Whoyostro,
Lucidflow, Signatune, 12 + 1 or Island Beats. Together with his childhood friend Paul Rudder, he has successfully published two references for House on Wax and one for Paul's project, RDDR, all sold out on vinyl. In 2020 he began producing with Jacobo Saavedra, with whom he has created JNJS. His productions have been published on digital labels such as Floorpiece, Honne, Alma or Dreams on Wax, and he has signed vinyl releases on labels such as Morethanmusic, SVDR, Kashatskih, H24, Caleto or Mate
LTD. JNJS starts a new project called Velvet, with which they will hold events and release music on vinyl. His music has been played by great artists such as Nu Zau, Cally, Vern, Chklte, Direkt, Suat, Arapu, Silat Beksi, 2vilas or Sepp.

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