Jay Junior (NL)

Belonging to the YouTube generation, since childhood he has watched all of his idols. At the age of 9, the first steps were set to start mixing. Self teaching was, and still is, the tactic of Jay Junior, he mixed at all kinds of parties and saved money to buy new equipment. One day he walked into Weslo [Wesley Veerman], a great inspiration for Jay Junior, who taught him the intricacies that accelerated Jay Junior's growth. Jay Junior continued to develop through many twists and to gain experience with the public, he ended up at TRAM in Huizen. By proving himself he was TRAM FEST at the festival. His growth did not go unnoticed, he was invited to play at SMACK where he met Mike Williams, who introduced him to Speakerz. After an exciting round of auditions Jay Junior was one of the residents of Speakerz. Speakerz has provided Jay Junior with a platform to continue to grow and develop hismself, with great success! The public is repeatedly excited as this energetic DJ is in front of them. Jay Junior has a new challenge for himself: producing tracks. Here, too, his tactic learn by doing!
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