Jasmine Karimova (GB)

Jasmine Karimova is a musician, painter and actress. She is of Tajik descent, was born in the UK and brought up in Australia and The Netherlands. She speaks English, Dutch and Russian, and lives in Amsterdam. In 2018 she released her debut album ‘From The Womb’, and is ‘working’ on her second.

Currently studying Classical Composition at the conservatorium of Amsterdam, Jasmine hopes to eventually ascend to world domination - to convince everyone to respect and tend to the earth more, and to be nicer to one another. She believes the world is a swirling pool of incomprehensible chaos, but at least people try to make things and that's awesome.

“I make stuff that makes me feel things. My hope is that it makes you feel things too. I have a strong suspicion that I’m not the only one gooey on the inside; I’d like to play to your soft spots.”

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