Intercity 106 (NL)

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At the end of 2020, Sjam Sjamsoedin (Sjamsoedin) and Robert Vosmeijer (De Sluwe Vos) pack up their vocoders, modulars and Juno 106 synthesizer to isolate themselves from the world and lay the foundation for their new project: Intercity 106. While a large part of the world is in lockdown due to the Covid pandemic, they transform a cabin in the woods into a sophisticated studio to record for 7 days and nights.
The collective effort is a follow up to their clubhit ‘Never Know’ (DGTL 2019) which brought a joyful melancholy to dancefloors across the world through the sets of Dixon, Job Jobse, ANNA, Ame and Jennifer Cardini, to name a few.

Open to explore new sounds, the duo finds itself experimenting with melodies and lyrics, tweaking their modulars, banging their drummachines and pushing the limits of their analog synths, resulting in a record that has huge club-, festival- and radio potential. With strong roots in techno, wave and electro from the 80’s and 90’s, combined with current production techniques and a hint of sci-fi they created a sound that could best be described as retrofuturism. Drenched in nostalgia and melancholy their music carries you to a fictional desolate place and time, that you will never want to leave.
The past is now.

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