GOOSE have always managed to unite people. Rockers and ravers. Pill-heads and piss-heads. Minimalists and maximalists. Techno junkies and indie-dance kids. They bring together two polar worlds and make them seem like they were always meant to be together. Ever since their formation, GOOSE has excelled in pushing the boundaries of music, aesthetics and design through their various records, remixes and notorious live performances. In the past they have done so by collaborating with leading artists in different fields like Storm Thorgerson, Willy Vanderperre and Pierre Debusschere; they created their own magazine and a multimedia installation called DE/RECONSTRUCTION, where GOOSE is performing while being physically separated from each other. The foursome, hailed by The Guardian as “an onstage powerhouse, successfully bridging the gap between electronic music and rock”, keeps challenging itself and is now putting its entire back catalogue to the test with their latest endeavour GOOSE NONSTOP. GOOSE has always worked as a fine-tuned machine, its gears meshing together with those of the audience at breakneck speed. GOOSE NONSTOP embraces that metaphor and distills the entirety of their career into a stage packed with synthesizers and drumcomputers, abandoning their trusted guitars . Every song dismantled, reinvigorated and then patched together to form a continuous live set, resembling the narrative arc of a rave that lasts from dusk till dawn. GOOSE NONSTOP is about combining the past and the future, and redefining the meaning of a live electronic band by remixing their own songs and riffs into an entire new reality, bringing back the rave to modern day clubs and festivals. GOOSE NONSTOP, bring it on.
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