Golpe (CZ)

Golpe was born in 1987 and was interested in music since very young age. He found his passion for Techno at the age of 15 as a regular partygoer. So after sometime he started playing at some computer dj software. In 2003 he decided to buy his own decks. He began with everyday hard practicing and as he says, “finding his own style- finding himself in music”. He got totally addicted to music. After several months he already got the opportunity to play at smaller parties which gave him a lot of experience. Despite his young age he was already playing at big events with very famous events and clubs as a Apokalypsa, Technomasters, Roxy, MetroKlub, etc. He has been a member of www.hardtechno.cz since 2005 and has been playing regularly in many clubs all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia and Germany. In 2007 was invited to participate at Czech most famous techno event in BRNO called Apokalypsa, as one of the youngest djs who ever played at this event. Playing wasnt for Golpe enough, so from 2008 he started produce techno and hardtechno, in 2009 he started get first published release on Naked records. After first release began collaborations with other producers and other labels what gives to Golpe knowledge. He already release tracks on labels as a Animasola, Audiocode, Cannibal Society, Distorted recs. and etc. In 2013 Golpe got change for tour in south America, specifically in Venezuela and Colombia, which gives him such big experience after several years of playing in Europe.
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