Giu Nunez (BR)


For the last 14 years, Giu Nunez has been presenting herself as a Dj with a unique personality: A tropical afro-latin heart in the body of dance music. With her particular aesthetics, she turns music into her raw material and the sequence of it into an actual and strong narrative construction.

Always restless to break paradigms, she put together parties dedicated to Latin and African cultures in the cold city of Curitiba, in South Brasil. After moving to São Paulo, she dug even deeper in record archaeology.

Her work gained even more prominence for showing her vast research in the depths of brazilian music, what made her a common name in the lineup of big festivals, events and parties throughout Brasil.

Today, she's part of the Domply collective as a resident DJ of one of Rio de Janeiro’s most loved parties, with strong recognition inside and out of the country. Besides that, she contributes to radio shows around the world, such as Wordwide.fm, NTS, Dublab, Na Manteiga, Year Zero, Rocket Radio and may others.

Her selection, psychedelic and dancing, tripped out and cinematic, is a way back to ancestry through the cosmic line. Pulsating and transcendental, her sets make a full dance floor in the expectation of the next track, involved in the combination of grooves that range from native music to contemporary beats from many different parts of the globe.

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