Fess Grandiose (US)

Artist & Speaker

Electronic producer, DJ, and lifelong gearhead Fess Grandiose has turned his passion into a multifaceted career, joining Reverb as an Editor on the in-house content team that creates articles and videos to help music makers find the perfect piece of gear. Drawing upon over 15 years of live performances and music expertise, Fess tells stories from the perspective of a musician who has bought and sold countless instruments, ranging from MIDI controllers and Roland SP’s to increasingly popular Eurorack modules. Over time, Fess gravitated towards synthesizers, ultimately turning his focus to electronic music. A staple throughout Chicago, Fess has held numerous residencies, even launching his own event series, Open Beats, all of which help him bring a wealth of on-stage experience and an ever-increasing knowledge of gear to Reverb.

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