Ewan McVicar (GB)


In his native Ayr, in Scotland, Ewan McVicar revitalised the town's club culture, sparking a movement that remains fervent and committed, four years since it was first formed. This is typical of Ewan's community-focused outlook. Still a relative newcomer to the international circuit, his commitment to building a local scene in Ayr, combined with his DJ skills and fearless approach to production make Ewan one of the most promising artists of his generation. Nominated in the Breakthrough DJ category at the DJ Mag Best of British Awards in 2020, he is ascending rapidly up the ranks. Already a core member of Patrick Topping's Trick collective, and the brains behind his own mini empire, this early success is a sure-fire sign of things to come. Hungry, determined and full of good vibes for all, Ewan McVicar is primed for the next phase of his burgeoning career. Ewan started DJing when he was at university, building up a following in his hometown and, after getting a teaching degree, decided to take it up full-time (much to his mother's dismay). Initially focused on hip hop and the commercial end of club music, he made an impact with regular appearances at venues such as Furys and Club de Mar. By 2017 he'd started his own night TEN, at a time when there was no underground scene in Ayr. Ewan injected his passion for the music into the party and his tenacious attitude helped cultivate a strictly homegrown party, with all the residents cherry picked from the locality. TEN spawned a movement, captivating the town's rave-hungry youngsters and giving Ewan a platform to showcase his skills. The number 10 itself has a deep and personal meaning for the Scottish selector, linked to tragic events in his past. Rather than dwell on those difficulties, he has used the number to create a positive ethos that flows into the parties, and influences his optimistic outlook. On the production tip Ewan's approach is to be daring and authentic; putting himself out there by exploring different styles and releasing them, creating a kind of audio diary, recording his journey from the beginning up to now. In doing so, he hopes to inspire up and coming artists who may lack the confidence to get their music out there. By demonstrating his evolution in real time, Ewan has allowed himself to be vulnerable -- refusing to shy away from imperfections -- rather than presenting himself as a complete artist from the start. It's an unusual approach but one which has already landed him on labels such as Optimo, KOOKOO, Unknown To The Unknown, Shall Not Fade (Basement Tracks), Nervous and the aforementioned Trick, where he has become a core member of Patrick Topping's emergent label crew. His discography reflects his eclectic tastes, stepping into old skool rave territory, bumpin' house and 303-driven acid with confidence. Tracks such as the big hitter 'Street Rave,' 'Love Trip,' '1001 Freestyle' and 'Dorian,' showcasing his ability to tap into various styles with panache. Speaking of acid, Ewan has channelled his unwavering energy into a project that pays homage to the classic sound. As Granary 12, with Steven Simpson, he has released music on Posthuman's Balkan Vinyl and Weapons Of Desire. The duo have appeared at Sub Club, La Cheetah, Corsica and Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Support has come from some of the most influential tastemakers in the industry, with radio DJs such as Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Danny Howard, Jaguar and Sarah Story throwing their weight behind him. Ewan has also become something of a local hero in his hometown, and nationally in Scotland. A homegrown talent who redirects his success back into the land he comes from. At SWG3, one of Glasgow's most prominent venues, his debut headline show sold out instantly. Meanwhile, back in Ayr, where it all started, his fanbase remains strong, with plans to set up a one-day festival at one of the town's most picturesque landmarks; a large piece of land next to the legendary Pavilion club on the seafront. He's also plotting a label, centred on high quality electronic music of all kinds, with a slew of high-profile gigs booked in, sharing the stage with a variety of respected acts including Floorplan, Mella Dee, Cinthie, Honey Dijon, Kettama, Jaguar, Mike Servito, Absolute, Derrick Carter, Luke Solomon and Kornel Kovacs. Friendly, big-hearted, enterprising and bold, Ewan McVicar is carving out his own path in the UK's world-leading scene, encouraging others to join him and maintaining a positive outlook every step of the way. His upbeat demeanour, combined with his superlative skills as a DJ and producer, are the cornerstone of his flourishing career, fuelling an organic and enduring rise to the top...

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