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A gift to be cherished – I received my first vinyl record player at the budding age of 9. Influenced by my parent’s musical tastes including, Disco, Funk, Soul, Rock, Jazz...as a little Parisian music lover child, I would find myself in record shops on a weekly basis, “Digging In the Crates” for latest Old School Hip Hop tunes, One of the 1st I bought that stands out is “Street dance” by Break Machine and soon enough after: Public Enemy, Jazzy Jeff, Dr Dre...

Young aspiring I would be engulfed by the new wave of Electronic Dance Music that swept through France electrifying every dance floor in its wake. I'd spend every weekend in the clubs enjoying the sets of Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier Ritchie Hawtin, Notable House bangers like "Weekend" by Todd Terry, "Free" by Ultra Naté or “I Can’t Get No Sleep” by Masters At Work inspired and fed my passionate hunger for searching out new cutting edge releases. My eclectic spectrum of musical influences would become the foundation for my DJ sets which rock the air waves and dance floors today, including London’s Ministry of Sound, Egg, Horse & Groom, Soho House, McQueen, Bora Bora Ibiza, Veto Club... Sought after, I also throw down DJ sets for exclusive corporate and private parties.

When I finally decided to start my exciting DJ journey in 2017 and after a few weeks of daily practice, I got booked at Big room clubs in London, which hugely built up my confidence and the whole journey has been quite magical since. Other accolades of my career include Space Ibiza as Tour Manager & Booking Agent, promoting Space on tour parties in Europe, PR for Buddha bar Barcelona & London, Global Business consultant & Coach.

In 2018, I've been invited to join the House FM DJ Roster as a resident where I started as a Radio Host with my Live show “La Crème” on Tuesdays, I absolutely adore the radio, it's a very special bond with the listeners, although you can't see them, you share so much love and they give you a lot back, I have had a blast for 2 years & the story continues.

After moving from London to Ibiza, I was so very much missing the radio, that I've decided to create my own radio station La Crème Radio Ibiza and pursue a new adventure; it's my little baby and it already counts with stunning DJs and producers, we have just started and growing fast, these are very exciting times! Last but not least, since I'm in Ibiza, I've been studying and learning music production and I can proudly say that I have a couple of co-productions coming up soon!
“I'm a massive house Lover, most definitely a house head ! I feel it very deep inside, the groove and the beat synchronises with my heart. I live for the music, I love playing for the people and making them dance like there's no tomorrow ! And Oh those Songs I fall in love with, they make me tap my feet, nodding my head and dancing, regardless of tempo, style, or release date… sharing the goodness and happiness, spreading the love around, Feeling the music into your Mind, Body & Soul''

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