Dro (NL)


Through Collaborations, theaterplays, bboyshowcases and performances with Moyo Tribe, Leandro (DRO) became an active force in the streetdance/ hiphopscene. His style is created by the journey in dancestyles he learned through the years that have their’s roots in jazz, funk, house, hiphop. Always looking for new ways to approach expression through movement DRO comes up with inventive ways to create crossovers between dancestyles, several artforms and music.His musical journey has just begun and with his drive and spirit the growth of this young talent a successful career is inevitible.

In 2008 Dro started a organisation that provided youth who wanted to develop their selves in the urban dancescene the chance to do so. The organisation Moyo Tribe grew to a new platform for dancers that’s trying to create a artistic platform for dancers.

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