Disco Sparks (NL)


Ed Burley is the co-founder, composer and music producer of Disco Sparks based in Amsterdam.
Disco Sparks produces Nu-Disco and funky house music with a link to the Oldskool style of the 70's
and 80's. Ed comes from a musical family. At a young age he grew up with Gospel, Jazz, Funk &
Soul music. Ed became interested in various instruments such as synths, organ, piano, trumpet and
drums. His main interest was in drums and percussion. Several musicians and producers came in
the 70’s and 80’s to his parents' house and the jam sessions and improvisations were a great
source of his musical development. His love for records started at a very young age and dancing
was not unknown to him. In the early 80's he programmed beats with drum machines and made
mixtapes for friends and played as a DJ at various parties. In 1996 Ed met DJ/Producer Richard
Marinus and together with other friends they founded the record collectors club 80's Groove. Later
this became the DJ and VJ Collective Groove Inc. until this day. Groove Inc. organizes Oldskool and
Dance Classic events (Oldskool At Tha Beach and Oldskool Behind the Grooves) and plays as DJ’s
and VJ also on Dutch National radio and nowadays on Twitch.
Ed Burley has worked with artists such as Sweet Charles Sherrell, Bassist Louis Johnson, Juan van
Emmerloot, Miss Bunty, Marilyn Ashford Brown, Rene van Hertum, percussionist Martin Verdonk,
Fresco Project and many others.

“OFF Record” aka Richard Marinus is a music, video producer and (video) DJ with his musical and
DJ roots in the early 80’s. His favourite styles are (Nu-)Disco, Soulful House, Boogie, Electro, Funk,
Hiphop, New Jack Swing & Soul. In 1982, at a very young age, he started the First Choice Drive-in
show with his brother. Together they performed on numerous stages in the province of Utrecht
and they are still recognized for that. In the nineties this evolved into 80’s Groove, a large record
collectors club that he co-founded with Ed, whom he had met at a music fair.
He is Co-Founder and Co-Owner of (V)DJ Collective “Groove Inc.” with which he organizes the
success party formule “Oldskool @ Tha Beach” since 2003.
He played in lots of clubs, bars, restaurants and on festivals in The Netherlands and some gigs in

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