DaY-mar (NL)

She was discovered by a scout of the Masters of Hardcore bookings agency (nowadays Most Wanted DJ Agency). From this moment DaY-mar has seen her career skyrocket over the past few years. Having sold thousands of Hardcore records and CD units worldwide since her first big performance at the Thialf Stadium (The Netherlands) in 2005, where she performed for a crowd of more than 15.000 people, this DJ has the credibility to belong to the small elite of female Hardcore artists, and enjoys worldwide success as a DJ and producer. DJ DaY-már is the real deal. Her tough looks, excellent mixing skills and productions with mixtures of expressive vocals, synths that cut like glass, atmospheric rhythms and pounding kicks drives the audience from rage to tears and back. If you don't like Hardtechno or Hardcore, she will let you learn to love it, to experience life like you've never done before!! Many people worldwide already know her from party's like Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, DefQon1, Free Festival, Freaqshow and more... In 2013 she released her full hardcore album "United States of DaY-mar" which she presented on the mainstage of Dominator festival. Many other releases are coming up, and for sure you will see her at in- and outdoor events across Europe the next couple of years. Again it's going to be a year of big, exciting events and releases.
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