Cream (PL)

Cream, also known as Krzysztof Kupczakiewicz, was born in Krakow (Poland), and currently lives in Jaroslaw (Poland). He developed a fascination for music owing to his father who would inculcate Chris's interest in the music of the Beatles in his early years. Throughout his childhood, Chris showed interest in New Romantic (Thomson Twins, Duran Duran) and electropop (Depeche Mode, OMD). During adolescence, Chris discovered a passion for electronic music (Kitaro, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre), which shaped him musically to a great degree. In 1984, Chris played his first gig when Eurodisco and Italo disco were the genres that prevailed on dance floors at the time. Six years later, he became a resident DJ at one of the first night clubs in Jaroslaw - Marashino. It was the place where Cream was able to gain his valuable musical experience. In the mid 90s, Chris felt a deep fascination for trance and house - the two genres that dominated music clubs a few years later. In 1996, Chris held a permanent residency at the Reno Club in Jaroslaw, which was the cradle of house music in the region at the time. During his nearly ten-year residency at Reno, he held a lot of theme parties where he used to invite top Polish DJs. During the period of 20 years that Cream spent in Jaroslaw, he played in almost all of its clubs, working simultaneously as a sound engineer, which let him expand his knowledge of sound engineering. Since 2004, he has played in many clubs in Rzeszow (Poland) including the Chilli Club where he spent 9 consecutive years working as a resident DJ and where he organized a series of events with alternative music called Night Session together with his friend Nexy. In 2012, he joined the ranks of the booking agency "Sentence", belonging to one of the best Polish DJs - Angelo Mike. Cream has also presented his DJ mixsets on many radio stations including :Frisky Radio, Golden Wings Radio, DI FM, Insomnia FM, TM Radio , Pure Fm, Tenzi.Fm, Movement Radio (India), Rmf Club, Bin Radio, Usessions Radio, Czwórka Polskie Radio, Deep House Parade Radio and Houseradio.pl. Since March 2013, he has been hosting his own radio show "Terminal" which covers a broad spectrum of progressive music on Proton radio Recently. Currently, with Deep Fog, he forms a producer duo. Their shared passion for broadly understood electronic music has already resulted in several realeases of a very respected labels in the world, such as: Particles, Electronic Tree, Soundteller Records, Stellar Fountain Records, Never Too Late Recordings, Massive Harmony, Evocative, BQ Recordings, Pineapple Digital, Revelation Records, 3rd Avenue, Superordinate Music,Yang, OLD SQL Recordings, BC2 Records, Inmost Records, Per-vurt'Records, Aeriform Records, Visceral, Abstract Space Records, Aethereal, Balkan Connection, PHW Elements, Majestic Familly Records, Pro B Tech Music, Existence Music. In 2016 they have won competition for a remix of legendary Moonbeam. Their productions are supported by some highly regarded artists i.e. Hernan Cattaneo, Chicane, Gai Barone, Armin Van Buuren. The debut single „Kiki” was holding a frist place at the Polish club charts of FTB portal.Currently his first solo productions are due to be released and there is more of remixes and productions at finishing stages It's hard to classify Chris's musical style. Currently, it's a combination of house, progressive, tech house and minimal techno sounds. In his spare time, Cream enjoys relaxing with music by listening to some good chill out, classical music (Bach, Strauss, Beethoven), or jazz with Chris Botti at the helm. His input into development of the national club scene has been appreciated as he was awarded with 3rd place on a national competition Polish Electronic Music Awards "MUNOLUDY 2014" in best dj/producer category. Cream, who has spent over 25 years working as a DJ, can freely admit that music is his passion that lasts indefinitely. Throughout his long career, Cream has stood a chance of playing alongiside: John Digweed (UK), Hernan Cattaneo (Argentina), Guy J (Israel), Westbam (DE), Micrologue (DE), Madloch (BEL), Brian Sanhaji (DE), Hardy Hard (DE), Lady Wax (RU), Oliver Klein (DE), Jacek Sienkiewicz (PL), Karol XVII & MB Valence (PL), SLG (PL), Kuba Sojka (PL). Cream's live performances in clubs: M25 (Warszawa), Inqbator (Katowice), Mega Club (Katowice), Cień (Kraków), Fashion (Krakow), Heya (Szczecin), Obsesja (Lublin), Retro (Czestochowa), ADHD (Nowy Targ), Gramofon (Biala Podlaska), Armagedon (Krosno), Piwnica Pod Slepowronem (Nowy Sacz), Akademia (Rzeszow), Chilli Music Club (Rzeszow), Andromeda (Rzeszow), Grand Club (Rzeszow), Pod Palma (Rzeszow), Alchemia (Rzeszow), Metro Stacja Caffe / Estrada Caffe (Rzeszow), Kwadrat (Rzeszow), Forteca (Przemysl), Tequila (Jaroslaw), Studio 21 (Jaroslaw), Reno (Jaroslaw), Marashino (Jaroslaw), Black & White (Rzeszów), Klub Buffet (Gdańsk) GramOFF/ON (Warszawa) Pub Champion (Dębica), Sfinks700 (Sopot),Kółko i Krzyżyk (Lublin), Das Lokal (Wrocław), Eliksir (Opole), Szklarnia (Lublin), Prozak 2.0 (Kraków), Plażowa (Warszawa), Backstage studio (Warszawa) Prepar (Katowice), 1500m2 (Warszawa), Luzztra (Warszawa) Świdnicka 12 (Wrocław) Cream's various performances in events: Dance With Me 2011, Labyrinth of Sound 2011, Bass Planet 2012, Independents Festival 2013, Silesia In Love 2014,Silesia in Love 2015
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