Michele Kelder (NL)


Michèle Kelder (connect2progress) has loved electronic music from an early age on, starting with New Wave in the '80s and instantly falling for house music since the beginning at the first underground warehouse raves such as Multigroove and the legendary club Roxy in Amsterdam. Life led her from dancing every weekend to photographing big and small parties, and finally, to organising a successful, impromptu event during ADE 2022 titled 'How to have a successful career in music while surviving the nightlife.'
During this panel discussion, international industry experts discussed topics substance (ab)use, addiction, mental and physical health and strategies for coping with challenges faced in the party scene.

Michèle's personal story of recovery from addiction and her event in 2022 have driven her to follow her heart creating the concept 'For the Love and Health of House'. Focus is on openminded events hosting professionals who have a story to share, who participate from a passion for the house scene, for the love of music and who want to be a part of creating a better work environment. It is about having the conversation and bringing it out into the open, onto a stage, so people can recognise their troubles and stop feeling alone in the dark. Breaking stigma and taboo around mental health and addiction, empowering people with more knowledge, promote connection within the electronic music community.

There is a lot to gain from this.

Join Michèle in her mission to make a positive impact in the world.

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