Clockwork (IT)

“Clockwork isn’t really something that was thought through, it actually went through no stages of planning whatsoever”. Francesco Leali and Federico Maccherone AKA Clockwork. A project born in early 2010 but only officially launched in 2011 with the release of their debut Ep “It’s You Again” on the UK based label Hot Creations that unexpectedly gave them the chance to work and perform with some of the most experienced, inspiring and valuable members and events of the electronic music scene today. Their debut has seen them initially produce a dark breed of disco which noticeably got deeper and deeper each time, trying to combine those sounds to more Techno oriented pieces of work. Their recent work has demonstrated musical versatility and innovation aiming to reach and explore new grounds. After a variety of successful ratings and reviews they are now concentrating on their first LP expected to be released in early 2013 on the young, but already well known 'Life and Death' imprint. b.o.a.t.s, 'based on a true story' points to showcase the duo's influences that in this case derive mainly from Breakbeat to Techno. The aim in this case was to create an LP that somehow differentiated itself from the over saturation the market has been going towards lately, and give their take on the musical path they are following.
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