Claudia Schaper der Alderwereldt van Sint John (NL)

Claudia Schaper der Alderwereldt van Sint John combines years of experience as a body movement teacher and entrepreneur with an interest in the way of life and philosophy of Buddhism. Given the stresses of the modern world and the huge pressure to succeed which affects us all, she is passionate about teaching others the importance of taking care of the body, mind and the soul. "My ultimate goal is to help and guide people through their journey of self-development, inner rest and acceptance with the help of mindfulness, coaching and harnessing the power of the body, mind and soul working in perfect harmony. After last year’s success Claudia will be attending this year’s ADE event again to provide short and easy to learn sessions on how to relax after a gig and rebuild your mindset to be calm and focused for your next performance. Claudia’s method is well recognized because her simple philosophy is; “If I don’t understand myself how can I teach it to someone else?” And she likes keep it fun and simple. Claudia can rely on her 25 years of experience in this field. The last 10 years she teaches more and more young adolescents in high school how to prepare for an exam or a test. This is a proven concept which is widely embraced. After a session you will be able to use her method at home or at your hotel room to wind down and get a good night sleep as well as a morning routine that will get you through the day. So for everyone who has problems relaxing after a nights work, whether you’re a technician, assistant or artist, these sessions are highly recommended
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