Cincity's Yazz (NL)

["Cincity\u00b4s Yazz is a female DJ","Producer duo, made up of two good friends.These creative girls were inspired by life itself and now the time has come to inspire people all over the world. \nEven tough they are Both born in the Netherlands, their background is worldwide. \n\nCindy has african roots and Yasmin has turkish roots. They use that as an inspiration for their productions and their goals. They have gigs in all the big clubs in Holland such as Panama, Escape, Jimmy Woo, Off Corso, Hotel Arena, The Sand, Hardersplaza, Supperclub and Bloomingdale. Their first track \u2018Tudo bem\u2019 was released in 2011 at Moganga, Gregor Salto\u2019s recordlabel. With a lot of support from other DJ\u2019s such as Leroy Styles, D-Rashid, Michael Mendoza and Rancido this track was an amazing success. After a lot of good feedback they started getting more and more international bookings, they flew from Amsterdam to Portugal, from Portugal to Paris, from Paris to Luxembourg, from Luxembourg to Greece, from Greece to Cabo Verde, from Cabo Verde to Surinam and from Surinam to Egypt. Back in Holland they realeased a new track \u2018Yaya\u2019, this summer track was a huge international success.\nNowadays they are still working hard on their upcoming tracks and are still going strong. It\u2019s not just music for these two ladies, it\u00b4s a feeling, it\u2019s a vibe and it\u2019s joy. They love music, all kinds of music, so they had to make a perfect combination of all the styles they love. \nYou can expect different styles in two different kind of sets, like deep\/tech\/uk house or afro\/latin house.One thing is for sure, the music Cincity\u2019s Yazz plays is always funky, refreshing and happy."]
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