Chester Code (NL)

The Dutch/Surinam Rudhir Benie already is an established DJ in the House scene of Rotterdam and the Netherlands. Over the past 12 years, Rudhir has worked with various names and successful collaborations, such as Rudichi, Rulex, Dutchtastic and Souldiggers. He co-organized legendary parties and played at famous festivals both in the Netherlands and abroad, which allowed him to experiment within different styles. Now, after years, Rudhir has finally found his true musical Identity, which he will never let go of and is here to stay: Chester Code! By staying true to himself, Chester Code reveilles his musicality, which is characterized by funky and groovy sounds, live instruments, a lot of energy, passion and power and of course: Soul. His unique sounds blend the stereo typical structure of Techno and House, fused with his South American roots and personal emotions, and prove to be a breath of fresh air for the industry. His natural talent for using his personal emotions, and those of the inspiring people surrounding him, are the core of his music. Chester Code creates the ideal mix of sounds, emotions and vibes, especially when playing for a live audience. He currently is a Resident at Toffler, one of Hollands' finest Techno clubs. As a producer, Chester Code proves to be very versatile, varying from dark, hard techno, to deep-housed tunes and also to funky, sexy melodies that will bring you an instant summer feel. But when you see this artist playing for a live audience you will notice his lively passion and his true drive to create music: to unite emotions and create an experience you will never forget by being exposed to his sounds!
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