Charlotte (FR)


Corsican artist Charlotte, has rhythm in her blood. She grew up around the different cities of the most important cultural contributions to western civilization: the Mediterranean.

Devoting herself to music on her drum, curating and expanding her personal knowledge. She starts touring in regional clubs, forging a solid reputation behind her that will propel her towards the Parisian scene. In 2013, she joined the Cargèse Sound Festival team and confirmed her place behind decks. Delivering singular performances, she began to play alongside such headliner. By drawing her influences of the 90’s and the early 2000’s; she wraps together minimal sound with the brutality of a slightly acid techno and trance bassline. In 2018, she joins the RA+RE team by releasing her first EP. Sincethen, Charlotte has continued to develop her work and shared her music worldwide, from London to Montreal, byway of Berlin and New-York City. Part as well of the duo Charly&Scotch, and settled down in Paris, she now locks herself in the studio dedicating herself to her next productions.

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