Cari Golden (US)

Cari Golden is one of the most recognized voices in the dance music. Her music is given equal weight in festivals as it is in tiny, sweaty, dirty after hours, boats and rooftops all over the world. The focus is on writing songs that paint a real scene and make a person feel that they’re living inside that story. It’s not showy or bombastic, but subtle and more often than not, a bit twisted. But words mean different things depending on the voice singing them. Cari Golden’s vocal quality has been described as sexy, sultry, convincing, alluring, hypnotic, sick, twisted, angelic, demonic and anesthetic. The personification of something “other” translates into songs that become living entities in their own right. The diverse personalities of songs like Things We Might Have Said (Reinier Zonneveld) Captain My Captain (Pan-Pot), City Life (DJ T), You and I (Fur Coat) exemplify the idea of song as a complete experience. This ability to paint words into emotional landscapes is always inspired by the production of Cari’s collaborators. From the producers to the remixers, everyone has a hand in shaping the concept. Things We Might Have Said with Reinier Zonneveld (Stil Vor Talent, Germany) catapulted to the #1 spot on beatport and stayed in the overall top spot for the better part of a month, while the song dominated the #1 spot on the techno chart for nearly three months securing a spot as one of the best selling tracks of 2016 and nabbing Cari a spot in the top 100 artists of 2016. In 2014 Golden graced numerous top 100 lists in Beatport’s year end rankings, with her being ranked 34th artist overall in electronic music. With no less than 20 releases a year across multiple sub genres of electronic music, Golden’s voice is a mainstay on dance floors across the globe. Cari's track You and I with Fur Coat (Crosstown Rebels) was one of the biggest hits of 2012 and was nominated for an International Dance Music Award in the Indie Dance category. Her music has been featured on the show Sex/Now on HBO (2013), Jay Leno's Garage (2016) and in the upcoming Netflix original series Gypsy starring Naomi Watts (2017). Cari is signed to Blackrock Publishing. Preferring to remain low key, Golden rarely performs her own material live. Notable collaborations: Reinier Zonnevel, Ryan Crossan, Noir, Aidan Lavelle, Groove Armada, tINI, Roger Sanchez, Bambook, Coyu, Lee VanDowski, Anja Schneider, Dance Spirit, Audiofly, Pan-Pot, Kiki, Smash TV, Marco Resmann, Rodriguez Jr., DJ T, Fur Coat, Lukas Greenberg, Alex Flatner, Tom Flynn, Alan Fitzpatrick, Neil Quigley, Silky, MyStep, Vincenzo, Habischmann, Quivver, Erphun, Climbers, Robbie Akbal, No Artificial Colors, and many others. For a full run down of tracks please visit beatport.com
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