Brigitta van Hengstum (NL)


Brigitta van Hengstum. A craving for contact with nature slipped into her consciousness when struggles in life hit her hard. She noticed that the sight of endless beauty of nature gave a sense of hope and comfort. A sense that life goes on no matter what and keeps renewing itself.

This led her on the path of plant medicine. The ancient wisdom of these plants showed her the way to go inward. She learned that that’s the only place to face pain and grief from the past, to feel, to heal and to learn to do different in the present. Supported by the plants she learned to take responsibility for her own wellbeing instead of blaming others in the now or the past and truly celebrate live with all that comes with it.

After many ceremonies with the plants, the wise lessons of shamans, teachers and spaceholders that appeared on her path, reading books, attending workshops and courses and completing the training family constellations, it was a logical next step for her to start working with the plants herself. With her company De Krachtengel she facilitates cacaoceremonies and truffle ceremonies and coaches people in rediscovering themselves and living a lighter and joyful life. By feeling and not surpressing

About Cacao
For 1000+ years, raw cocoa has been drunk in rituals, ceremonies and to celebrate. Raw cocoa is a non-psychoactive and heart-opening plant medicine and brings a deeper connection with yourself and people around you. Nowadays modern scientific research confirms what the ancient shamans knew from the heart all along. May we keep spreading that wisdom, let's celebrate life!

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