Brahim Fouradi (NL)

Brahim Fouradi was part of pop duo ‘Fouradi’ for seven years. Two years ago he started to work as an A&R manager for Sony Music Benelux. After being head of music at X-Factor NL he was asked by the UK to be A&R manager of Kelly Rowland’s category in the US version of The X-factor. Because of this, he got an offer from Simon Cowell to start as the International A&R Manager of Syco. Nowadays he is overviewing all the key territories for Syco around the world. Besides that, he just started his own label ‘La Foux’ by Sony and he is still active as a songwriter (credits include Yellow Claw- Shotgun, Yellow Claw- Till it Hurts, B-Brave-Aliyah). And if that’s not enough, he is the manager of Cho & Ayden.e-Aliyah). And if that’s not enough, he is a the manager of Cho & Ayden.
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