Bigboss (ES)

["Bigboss was born in 1979 in Barcelona\/Spain. His interest for computer sounds developed in the 90's his first electronic music productions and dj sets.\nAt the beginning of his career, Bigboss worked with a large number of nicknames such as 'Antonn', ' Q-Bert- Lange ' , ' B-Side' ,' Sweet Pepper ',' BFree! ' or 'dj Isra', covering different areas like sound engineer, producer, radio dj, remixer and A&R.\n\nBigboss edited his first single in 1997 in 'Blanco y Negro Music', a stunning Spanish techno track, produced by Paco Arcos. After the release, he started working as a sound editor and mixer for several artist productions in 'Rod's Music'. Bigboss, produced, recorded and mastered most part of it. He started remixing and recording 'Baccara ' Made in Spain' album (1999). Following that album, he recorded six 'Pioneer Karaoke Laserdisc' volumes. Later he produced several other albums such as 'Faugenaboy.com', a disco-folklore mix from a very popular Spanish artist. In addition, he produced 'Kiki ' A mi Aire', Spanish flamenco album featuring Kiki, one of the most trendiest guitar players of the world, 'El Duende ' Abrazado a la luna', a flamenco-pop album, and 'Guitarra' with the growing producer & guitarist Marc G. Quintill\u00e0. At this period, Bigboss has also mastered film soundtracks like 'El Otro Lado de la Cama', 'El Florido Pensil' and a good number of tracks for several music compilations.\n\nBigboss became A&R of the company and he started releasing his own productions in many compilations, covering different music styles: chillout, pop, flamenco, dance, house, techno, etc. This allowed Bigboss to play on several underground parties.\n\nIn 2001, Bigboss created a sub label called: 'From Barcelona', compiling and mixing a four-volume cd compilation: 'Freestyle, Makina, Techno'House and Progressive' from Barcelona, a debut album for national artists like Acues&Elitist, Miguel Picasso or AumProject, new Spanish progressive, house and psy-trance artists.\n\nWith this compilation and Pioneer sponsorship, Bigboss begun a national tour around 16 cities and played in over 20 clubs, including dozens of clubs and festivals such as 'Sonar'01' and 'MFestival' with over 8000 people dancing, screaming, enjoying and feeling the music. After the tour Bigboss was a nominee for the DJONE Magazine Revelation Dj prizeA as 'The revelation-dj'.\n\nBack in Barcelona, Bigboss created 'Operative Sound System', an underground electronic dj's collective which broke the scene creating 2 of the most popular underground outdoor festival: Summertech Sessions & Electroasis. Two festivals that year after year are becoming more popular for the new upcoming promessing DJ..s of the Electronic Local Music.\n\nBigboss as a dj, has gone through all the Spanish Geography, and never stopped the musical production, still remixing and working for other companies and artists. His latest releases are a house track remix for a well known local dj: 'Ageha part. II A Better World ' (TUSOM014)' released in Spain and the U.S.A. Other releases, are 'Words', the b-side track of the 'Frankie Goes To Hollywood' 2005 remixes, released in winter '04 by Vale Music. Nowadays Bigboss is producing a secret high quality hip hop project. The new beats and sounds will allow BigBoss to expand his musical knowledge.\n\nBigboss sets are special and unique. These sets will take you from the most sophisticated chillout and lounge to the most fresh and shocking house. BigBoss' choice is Techno and HardTechono music as it is the branch of music which he lives for. He plays extreme elegant, magical techno sessions full of good vibes and believe me, he does his job!\n\nLast Releases supported by: Al Bradley, Asle Bjorn, Blacksoul, Brian Cheetham, Darryl Wright, David Dunne, Freddy Turner, Graham Gold, Guy Garrett, Guy Garrett, Jorgensen, Mark Masters, Paul Hughes, Ramon Lopez","Balearic Soul, Raoul Belmans. \nAlan Hartley, Albert Neve, Alex Castanha","Intertech Records, Antoine Clamaran, Ash Paine, Bogdan Taran, Brian Cody, Christian","Exploited, Dave Seaman, David Herrera, DJ Mistake, DJ Pippi, Felix Perez, George von Liger, Greg Fenton, Jose Diaz, Julien Amour, Martin Gee","Manchester 106.6, Matt Bonsall, Mike McKenna, Neil Brown, Niki Belucci, Paul Newhouse, Paul van Dijk, Reza, Saul Speaker, Syke -n-Sugarstarr, Todd","Resident Advisor, Mirko Paolini, Modaal, Susinho","Global Dance Radio."]
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