Ben Grunnell (GB)

Having grown up around music, it is not surprising that Ben now makes electronic music. The journey towards this point, however, is perhaps slightly more intriguing. As a teenager, Ben lived and breathed music, immersing himself on all levels. Academically, he studied classical composition and structure, observing the musical proficiency of everyone from Mozart to Brahms. Privately, Ben was contempararily trained in the bass guitar and piano, culminating in him playing with some of the UK's most esteemed session musicians in various Jazz and Rock projects. At the age of 18, Ben sought to further his musical development, and enrolled on a popular performance degree at London's prestigious tech-schools establishment. However, the move to London sparked a most unexpected change in his musical direction.... Ben found his head turned by the raw power of the electronic music emanating from some of the capitals most iconic clubs, from Fabric, to The End. Suddenly, the musical landscape dominating Ben's future was one of refined house and techno. In just a few years, Ben has achieved recognition for his efforts from the likes of Medicine Musique, Tulipa Recordings and Babylon Records. This, however, is just the start for him. With a determination and desire that consumes him, you are sure to hear the name Ben Grunnell with increasing frequency in the future....
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