Assie (NL)

As a young kid Asintho never went to places without his music, everywhere he went his music always was there besides him. With an older sister who was a professional figure skater and a father who played Jazz music, music was all around him. When he grew older his interest went from new jack swing to the hiphop of the early -mid 90’s. Even at a young age he was always searching for new music and at the age of 16 he came in contact with the Chicago house and he immediately felt in love with it. The beats, the vocals, the climax, yeah this was something he never heard before and from that point on, he knew he wanted to do something with music. With getting no support from his surrounding he felt he had to get back to his first love, which was hiphop. But as he gets older he went more and more to house clubs and when that started to bored him he took his first dive in the Amsterdam underground scene and get familiar with the term “Techno”, from that point he was sure, this is what I want to do! When he moved out of his parents house, the first thing he did was building a dj-booth in his house, bought two vinyl players a mixer and he started to play minimal and techno for two years straight at underground after parties in Amsterdam. After he met his “soulbrother” Dialectik on the legendary M.S. Stubnitz parties, they started to play together and even host there own parties named “Klein&fijn” which was a success right from the start. They soon got recognition in Amsterdam and started playing for clubs such as “Supperclub”, had showcases on XT3 techno radio, played on queens-day for the Techno party Carnivale and even went on adventure abroad (Bulgaria, Hungary and Surinam). They got signed with the young and ambitious organisation called “AmsterDance” who wants to get the sound of Amsterdam worldwide recognition by hosting parties all over the world with DJ’s from Amsterdam. This young man his fairytale is just getting started! With his nice mix of Funk, Deephouse and Techno it will always be a surprise which track he will play next, May it be old or very new, it will definitely will get your groove on! Be sure to also check out @KassAssie for Assie's B2B project together with Dialektik!
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