Arturo Macchiavelli (IT)

The island of Procida is renowned for being the territory of sailors, but also for the artistic side of her sons who are known and well appreciated beyond the boundaries of "rock" for their gifts and talents. It 's the case, for example, of fraternal friends Rocco Careri & Arturo Macchiavelli always music lovers, turn passion into satisfaction. After having sent the demo to the right and left, finally, the first album in 2005 produced by Matteo Lombardoni with a record label in Milan. The album was released under the pseudonym of Men in Acid, hardstyle production, different kind to that represents them, but having a musical background at 360 °, have accepted the challenge. After, it was the time of a record label of Naples with the project Sticky Making Noise, always in vinyl; follow releases, with digital labels as "Tracks4Dj" Ivan Iacobucci (one of the most important Italian dj), the portuguese label Tanira Recording, then TKC Record: arrived in New York with the help of a great musician / producer Dino Barretta. With Dino have also collaborated on a project, release on Acuna Boyz. Following, Net'sWork Record, with a remix of a song by Mike Cerino Testarossa from Dj Radio Ibiza. In recent years, most of the productions are released on Aenaria Record, label of international Dj Luca Ricci. Mainly they do techno or tech-house productions, where there is no need of particular vocal or musical arrangements, everything is created on a computer. Recent work, however, go far beyond these genres, and two of our remixes ("Rock With You" by Michael Jackson, produced by Maurice Joshua and for "The glove of love" by Change, produced by english label Solid Ground ) they have the jewel voice of a great singer, Vanessa Haynes, lead vocalist of Incognito who has collaborated with artists such as Anastacia, Chaka Khan, Leon Ware, Mario Biondi. The entire project was completed in the Music Factory Studio of Dino Barretta receiving great acclaim from dj's and radio stations around the world.
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