Arash Aazami (NL)

Speaker (Unify.Energy)

Arash Aazami is a futurist, inventor, musician, entrepreneur and philosopher. He is of European and Middle-Eastern descent, grew up in Africa, and made successful careers in music, online tech and energy before the age of 30. Arash embodies a unique combination of arts and technology, science and entrepreneurship. In 2010 he founded an energy company that earned more as it would sell less energy. His business model was awarded by MIT in 2014. In 2015 he founded Renaissance21, which develops an Internet of Energy with the intention to connect every human being to abundant renewable resources. Arash Aazami is an advisor to several governments, multinationals, a mentor in social entrepreneurship for the MBA-alumni of INSEAD, and a faculty member at California-based Singularity University. With Unify.energy he develops the latest generation of intelligent energy systems, aimed at local balancing and energy independence. He also initiated Transform.hackathon: the system level energy innovation platform. Arash Aazami brings a unique combination of art and technology, science and entrepreneurship to the stage. In 2010 he founded a unique energy company that earned more the less energy it sold. In 2014, this business model was awarded by MIT. Since 2015 he has been working on the development of an Internet of Energy, in which every person should have access to sustainable energy.

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