Anthoni Logos (NL)

There is an underlying order in this universe, which expresses itself in the form of numerical relations. This universal order is called the Logos. Anthoni is a second name, and stands for the individual who expresses his unique part of the universal. The subjective merged with its underlying universality, that is Anthoni Logos. The latest technology and development in electronic music has made the circumstances ideal, to once again create music in tune with nature and the universe. Playing at clubs such as Studio 80 (Amsterdam), WAREHOUSE; Unofficial IFFR Afterparty (Rotterdam), Studio K (Amsterdam), Odeon (Amsterdam) and Magneet Festival. The special thing about Anthoni Logos’ sound, is the basis of the Logos, the foundation of his music is changed back to the way sound expresses itself in nature. He believes that when you express yourself in this way, you’ll be able to touch people in the most profound way. Anthoni Logos using 432 Hz in Natural Harmonic Tuning Composing in such a system doesn’t necessarily make it sound better. It is always still the skill of the composer that makes it a good, bad or average track. The reason Anthoni Logos composes in this other system is a philosophical one. Because by tuning his music more according to the laws that underlie nature and the universe, he’s convinced that through the holistic affects of music he tunes his listeners more in alignment with nature and the universe. More in alignment with what they truly are and where they truly come from. Because in essence there is no difference between us. In essence we are all made of the same ‘stuff’ and that level is what he’s trying to reach. His sound is expressed in two ways; the outer and inner way. The outer way is the sound of the body, expression through movement. In a sound commonly known as house and techno. The inner way is the way of feeling and emotion and is expressed in the form of down tempo electronic songs. On stage he will express himself in a way that combines the best aspects of a live act. Performing sets mixing together his own made material while adding frequencies and extra loops live. Creating his own unique sound and this new way of music is experienced in full. Anthoni Logos is also a part of ‘Syncretic’, together with DJ Lilith, Syncretic is a platform, a movement which uses electronic music and culture to awaken the young people of this time to put them in contact with their true being. Daniel is also currently pursuing a Mphil/PhD at Bournemouth University to study the effects of sound on the human brain with EEG technology. He will use this research to develop an interactive brain / sound system where sound is used to positively influence the listener’s brain and to create interactive brain / sound installations.
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