Andreea Gleeson (US)

Speaker (TuneCore)

Andreea Gleeson is the Chief Executive Officer of TuneCore, and a leading innovator in the music industry. Drawing on her years of experience as an eCommerce pioneer in the retail industry, she joined TuneCore in 2015 as a member of the senior leadership team and rose to CEO in 2021. Gleeson has helped build TuneCore into one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the independent music space. Her passionate support of independent artists has driven the implementation of leading-edge product and technology solutions, artist education programs, Best-in-Class artist support and more, establishing TuneCore as the premier development partner for self-releasing artists. Andreea is also a fierce advocate for gender equality in the music industry, commissioning the annual study BE THE CHANGE: Gender Equality in the Music Industry to identify why independent female and gender expansive creators remain underrepresented in the music industry, raise awareness on their challenges and provide actionable insights into how to combat them. Since 2021, Andreea has been included in multiple Billboard Power Lists and in 2022, she was named International Woman of the Year at Music Week’s Women In Music event. Under her guidance as CEO, TuneCore was recently named the third most innovative company in the music industry by Fast Company and was included on Crain’s list of the Best Places to Work in New York.

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