André Kraml (DE)

Someone who is intensively busy with sound, like Andre Kraml, must have (maintain) a completely special passion for music. Born and grown up in East-Germany, today living in cologne, the DJ, Producer and Sounddesigner, discovered very early his interest in music. His first tapes he made with a simple cassette recorder and impressed(convinced) his classmates at school parties. After he had deepened his passion for music with breakdance, he became a member of a Band in 1992. A short time later he swapped his bass against a mixer and a record player (turntables). In 1994 he turned his first discs at private parties. Once Andre had moved to Frankfurt, Techno took a central place in its life. In 2000 he appointed Cologne to his adopted place of residence and thereby received the unique opportunity to turn his hobby into a profession. As a media designer for sound and vision he has been working with sound editing and sound design for Film and TV productions. Well-known movies such as e.g. "Katze im Sack", "Edelweiss Pirates" or "The Edukators" is among his references in the areas of sound design, editing and sound mixing. Whenever Andre has the opportunity, he records sounds, which he integrates later into his own productions. His first hit „safari “ he published 2004 on the well-known Cologne label Firm. Parallel André created remixes e.g. for Coloma, Dominik Eulberg, Cosmic Sandwich and Miss Yetti. After a short time he was already successful as well-known(famous) DJ. His schedule was filled with regular performances in clubs all over the world. With the birth of his daughter the caring father interrupted his DJ career but still worked on productions and remixes. For example, in 2010 appeared "Black Water" on Trapez and "Mercado de Mexico" on 200. While he devoted his time to his daughter in the past few years , he now becomes again an active member of the worldwide club scene.
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