Alexander de Funk (BA)

For everybody there is something that inspires - for Alexander de Funk it is underground music. That music is a universal language that speaks widely. It's an expression only artists and lovers of sound can recognise. For this guy it is the only answer and the only guide. It is the passion that drives you - period. Alexander de Funk is a part of the new blood line of underground music. He combines several genres to complete his sound. Groovy, dark, minimal, melodic, emotional and driving with a dose of harmony equals his impression. Inspired by many, he constantly develops his own music style that continues to grow. When it comes to DJ-ing, he becomes even more interesting, combing selective underground tunes with his impressive DJ techniques. He is widely appreciated and known, playing in some of the worlds most know clubs like Eden in Ibiza, the fresh beaches of Greece and Croatia, cities in Austria and Germany, even new interesting markets like Lithuania etc. He held residencies across the old continent, from Istanbul in Turkey to Olympic Mountains, Jahorina. Major festivals in the region are a must be, where he develops further as his audiences rise to thousands! His releases are wide spread across the whole world, reaching Top 100 lists on several occasions on labels like Ushuaia Music and Bubblejam. His supported by the leading players on the scene. Alexander worked with some global recognised artists such as: Umek, Mark Knight, Stephan Bodzin, Boris Brejcha, Christian Varela and many more.
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